The primary goal of El.Gad srl is to provide product and services that must be completely satisfactory in time for customers and to impose on the market its image as a synonym for efficiency , reliability and quality

This objective is to be achieved through an effort of continuous improvement of the staff , of whatever order and degree , the organization, the production processes , in order to achieve the appreciation of our customers and increase the Company's profitability

The adoption of this Manual of Quality Management , in accordance with the UNI -EN-ISO 9001:2008 , is the primary tool with which all members of the company, from its summit , must comply with and be involved.

For this reason we have taken the responsibility to promote , develop and maintain a Quality Management System at all levels of the company by:

We are aware that the attainment of the above objectives will be achieved with the involvement of all staff that works at all levels and influence the quality of the products and the services provided by the company. For this we will endeavor to ensure that the objectives set out will become of all, and their achievement is reason to personnel satisfaction.